Custom Linear Transfer Shuttle for Automotive Manufacturing

Motion Index Drives, Inc. was tasked with designing, engineering, and manufacturing a linear transfer shuttle that is a cross between a robot transfer unit and a tool tray transfer unit. The machine builder gave specific constraints in regards to payload to transfer, speed, overall dimensions, and critical maximum height.

Custom Robot Transfer Unit Application

Our Custom Automation division, LaserArc has engineered, design, manufactured and assembled this pair of Robot Transfer Units here at Motion Index Drives.

Robot Transfer Unit with Robot Riser

Motion Index Drives designed and manufactured this custom robot transfer unit with a robot riser that is ready to accept a R2000 Fanuc Robot. We custom designed the cable management system to fit our customers space contraints so it did not collide with the wall.

Custom Engineered Robot Transfer Units

Robot Transfer Units are manufactured in floor mounted, elevated or inverted configuration. We offer the highest precision linear bearings, racks and pinions system, so you can manufacture the best product possible.

7th Axis Robot Transfer Slide

In order to address the needs of robot integrators, Motion Index Drives is eager to manufacture the 7th Axis Slide, or Robot Transfer Unit customized to fit your application. Due to the low cost and high flexibility of Robotic Arms, they continue to be a popular choice in manufacturing.