Custom Engineered Robot Transfer Units

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Due to the low cost and high flexibility of Robotic Arms, Robot transfer units continue to be a popular choice in manufacturing. Robots are ideal for repetitive assembly operations, such as drilling, fastening, composite layup, welding, trimming, routing, painting and coating. Generally, they are mounted in a fixed location consequently limiting their reach. An additional axis is often required to make the robot more versatile.

Motion Index Drives’ Robot Transfer Unit is equipped with high-precision rack & pinions that can handle the high dynamic loads and required accuracy. To extend the reach of the robotic arm, it is placed on a support carriage on a seventh axis slide and rack & pinions were chosen to drive the axis. By using rack & pinions in their modular base design, unlimited travel lengths could be achieved by mounting them end-to-end. Another advantage to seventh axis robotic slides is that more than one robotic arm can be placed on the same slide for additional productivity and flexibility.

Robot Transfer Units are manufactured in floor mounted, elevated or inverted configuration. We offer the highest precision linear bearings, racks and pinions system, so you can manufacture the best product possible. Robot Transfer systems are capable of fitting into your automated robotic systems, whether it is a material handling, paint, assembling, or welding application. All of the units can be adapted to your specific servomotor or robot brand.

7th Axis systems can be engineered to any length that the customer requires. Our design incorporates machined keyed ends allows for sections to be added or removed easily, when repurposing.

Standard Features:

  • Accuracy of +/- 0.003” /ft
    Pre-Machined Carriage to Secure Robot
  • Oversized Linear Bearings
  • Slight Design Changes
  • Machined and Keyed Ends
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Structural Steel fabrication


  • Power and Communication Cables
  • Leveling Plates
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Custom Robot Risers


  • Transfer times of 1.5 meters per second
  • Heavy duty linear bearings offer high tilting moments
  • Optional armoloy coating on gear rack/pinion
  • Low backlash Gear Reducer

Advantages for Design Engineers and Special Machine Builder:

  • Utilizes a direct drive gear reducer and gear rack, we achieve       higher accuracy and better performance with less components.
  • The robust structural steel construction “Made in USA”
  • Oversized rack and pinion system for greater safety factors


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