Lift and Rotate Rotary Index Tables

Motion Index Drive RTCL Lift and Rotate series rotary index tables are utilized for applications that require 2 axis positioning. The system can be manufactured to have complete flexibility to be controlled with servo motors or AC motors with absolute encoder or they can be manufactured to have fixed degree of rotating and fixed linear movement.

What Are Indexing Tables?

An indexing table is a machine tool positioning device. Also sometimes called a rotary indexing table or just rotary table, they repeat the process of rotating or “indexing” around an axis, stopping, dwelling while an operation is performed, then indexing again so the process can be repeated.

Selecting a Rotary Index Drive

Selecting an indexing table isn’t always an easy process, especially when on a tight budget. Rotary indexing tables use is widespread in automated assembly machinery environments, and it is necessary to select a machine that fits in well with the requirements of the application it is being used in.

Indexing Rotary Table Applications

Indexing tables are used in a multitude of industries and in numerous applications. Their design is optimal for many manufacturing jobs, and they are a critical component in most automated manufacturing systems.