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One of America’s largest fortune 500 companies, General Electric, required a lift and rotate unit, that was custom designed and engineered. The unit was to have a precise lift stroke, 180 degree rotation, precise lower stroke, and be driven by a timing belt. The unit was to very precisely lift and rotate small halogen light bulbs from one conveyor line to another, at a very high rate of speed, with other mechanically synchronous equipment.


A custom PH065 lift and rotate unit was designed to meet the customers’ requirements. The unit had an exact 38.1mm lift stroke, 180 degree rotation angle, and 38.1mm lower stroke, all driven through a single input shaft off of a custom bevel gear reducer on the input shaft of the indexing lift and rotate unit. The complete cycle time for lift, rotate, and lower was 1.5 seconds. The other challenge was to build this unit complete in 6 weeks. The unit was designed, built, and delivered in 5 weeks, exceeding all of the customers’ requirements for a cost effective, highly accurate, indexing solution.

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