Trunnion Index Drives

Trunnion index drives are mechanical systems that rotate or index objects in machinery or equipment. These drives provide accurate and controlled object rotation to specific angles or positions for various applications across a broad industry range. They are vital in many operations as they ensure parts are correctly positioned for subsequent operations.

Motion Index Drives offers programmable and fixed trunnion drives for all your automation needs. Our engineers have decades of combined experience helping customers choose the most practical and effective drive solutions for their unique operational requirements.

Programmable Trunnions

Programmable trunnions use a servo motor to control the motion and speed. These drives are programmable to work with various component types and sizes. This feature is especially beneficial for automation systems that require occasional adjustments, such as angle or torque modifications.

Another primary benefit of our programmable trunnion index drives is their flexibility, allowing you to retool the line for something new by programming it precisely as you need. Our RT, TMF and TR Series can accommodate any make of AC motor with absolute or incremental encoders for positioning. These models also work with any servo motor brand fitting within your controls architecture or requiring factory or end user compliance.

If your application requires a robot auxiliary axis, all our programmable vertical rotary indexers are adaptable to fit the correctly sized robot motor. Popular robot brands compatible with our programmable trunnion drives include Fanuc, KUKA, ABB, Motoman, Nachi and Panasonic. Our engineers can recommend the appropriate size motor for your application based on the mass, moment of inertia and torque requirements.


Fixed Trunnions

Fixed trunnions offer an incredible advantage in that they predominantly have indexable positions built into the system. These positions allow for strategic rotation of the system and workpiece and can be customized to your requested indexing increments.

Among the other benefits of fixed trunnion index drives is their low integration cost. Since these solutions are largely self-contained, they require a smaller initial investment. These drives feature an internal barrel cam that provides a mechanically fixed degree of output. The units are essentially self-locking, delivering smooth acceleration and deceleration with a mechanically fixed dwell at a specific degree of rotation. Because they are barrel cam units, they inherently operate as a zero-backlash indexing mechanism.

Our RT Series fixed trunnions are compatible with any brand of AC or DC motor, even those rated as explosion-proof. These models also work with any servo motor brand that fits your controls architecture or complies with factory or end user requirements. Their versatility offers increased use for various operations. The durable, flame-hardened cams and cam followers are ideal for high-load capacities requiring rigidity and stability.

In addition, these units operate very efficiently with simple VFD units. Since fixed trunnion index drives give a distinct mechanical degree of rotation and lock in place, implementation time is minimal. We can customize the indexing increments as needed according to your specifications.


Advantages of Choosing Motion Index Drives

At Motion Index Drives, our commitment to helping customers solve their most complex challenges makes us stand out from competitors. Our engineers review each project in detail to ensure a precise fit for the application, exploring every possible solution to identify the best product that efficiently and cost-effectively fits your application.

Our solutions are completely customizable, serviceable and cost-competitive. We offer comprehensive multi-year warranties to ensure our products deliver many years of reliable use. In addition, we are available 24/7 to provide assistance and help resolve any issues.

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