Lift and Carry Systems

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Motion Index Drives, Inc. is a leading provider of heavy-duty Lift and Carry Systems. Our machines operate with minimal motor power and are capable of lifting and transferring an average of 10 complete under-body structures (2,000 lbs. each) over an average linear distance of 19 feet at once. From transferring full length truck frames to engine boxes and under-body lines, Motion Index Drives has a high-precision engineered solution for your application.

Lift and Carry Systems can be applied to high-production facilities that manufacture products large in physical dimensions. Our transfer systems have been placed in a large number of North America’s automotive production facilities. These applications are among the most demanding in the world, proving a testament to the strength and reliability of Motion Index Drives quality. This is also, however, the only existing industry-wide application of Lift and Carry Systems. Motion Index Drives has worked to integrate Lift and Carry Systems in industries including defense manufacturing and off-highway heavy machinery. Smaller scale, lightweight systems can be handled by products such as our AL series Walking Beam.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Smooth lift and lowering motion
  • Hydraulic compensation system to assist on lift strokes
  • Special tooling inserts with customer specified hole patterns
  • High-quality extruded steel rails available in many sizes
  • Three-dimensional cut rails to reduce noise during transfers
  • Hardened gear rack and pinions for transfers
  • Cam plate/cam follower technology for positioning accuracy during transfer strokes
  • Pevolan and Vulkollan transfer rollers for noise reduction and increased life of shuttle rails
  • Many different standard and custom lift and transfer shuttle options are available


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