TR Series HeadStock/Tailstock Rotary Index Trunnion

Motion Index Drives infinitely programmable TR Series Headstock/Tailstock trunnion set is an alternative to the extremely high precision and zero backlash TMF and RT series trunnion indexing systems. The TR Series offers a lower cost alternative to applications that require such high standards.

Custom Trunnion Weld Positioner with Frame

This Motion Index Drives Trunnion Assembly was designed and engineered to handle 24,000 pounds of load and 15,000 kgm² squared of inertia. It was built to hold an automotive fixture in one of the major automotive facilities.

DR TR Series Dual Trunnion Assembly

Our dual trunnion assembly systems are typically driven with our RT Series indexer package. The RT200 freely programmable indexer is packaged with zero backlash reducer and driven by an aux axis servo motor.

3-Axis Dual Trunnion Rotary Weld Positioner

The 3-Axis Dual Trunnion Rotary Weld Positioners are used for mig, tig welding as well as lazer cutting cells. This system is made ready to accept fanuc motors on each axes.