TT251 Fixed Cam Indexer Trunnion

This minimizes design cost from project to project by not having to use a robot manufacturers dedicated auxiliary axis weld positioner for welding automation.

Applications of Cam Indexers

Cam indexers are most often used to take one piece or part around to different work areas or to orient a piece for different operations. They can move arrays of (often) relatively small parts around work stations for sequential machining, manufacturing, welding, equipment positioning, inspection or assembly tasks.

Benefits of Manufacturing with a Parallel Rotary Indexer

Parallel Indexers are great solutions for driving conveyors, acting as torque arms and performing tasks that require flipping or rotating tooling. In addition, Motion Index Drives can construct custom drives for continuous operation in an environment where a motor off mode of operation is not an option.

E-Stop and our Fixed Cam Rotary Indexers

I would like to discuss an E-Stop condition with regards to our fixed cam rotary indexers When we size up an indexer application, we do what we call an E-Stop study. This study is based on the E-Stop time the end user requires for operator safety. As important as the estop time, is the recovery… Read More

Cam Indexers for Zero Backlash Applications

Cam indexers are the preferred choice for achieving zero backlash in high-precision manufacturing applications. Backlash is a measure of the play or clearance between two mating parts, and it can result in inaccuracies and errors in positioning and movement.