Robot Transfer Unit with Robot Riser

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Motion Index Drives designed and manufactured this custom robot transfer unit with a robot riser that is ready to accept a R2000 Fanuc Robot. We custom designed the cable management system to fit our customers space constraints so it did not collide with the wall. We used an Atlanta HT low backlash reducer for high accuracy. The rack system is composed of a helical bevel gear system that is self lubricating system. We used over sized linear bearings due to the tilting moment in the customer’s application of the robot picking up the part and moving it to the other side. These bearings are self lubricated by six trucks that have scrappers to clean the rail as it moves back and forth. The customer required a one piece fabrication that was 5 meters in length that provides a 3.6 meter travel for the robot.

The engineers at Motion Index Drives are skilled in designing our products to custom fit your applications. Please contact us to see if our linear transfer systems can benefit your manufacturing process through any of our complementary components and custom options.

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Learn more about our robot transfer unit with Ben Talan by viewing our video.


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