TR Series
Headstock/Tailstock Trunnion Set

  • TR Series Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Positioners 250
    Continuous torque (Nm)
    E-stop torque (Nm)
  • TR Series Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Positioners 300
    Continuous torque (Nm)
    E-stop torque (Nm)
  • TR Series Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Positioners 365
    Continuous torque (Nm)
    E-stop torque (Nm)
  • TR Series Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Positioners 900
    Continuous torque (Nm)
    E-stop torque (Nm)
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Motion Index Drives’ TR series dual headstock tailstock trunnion positioners utilize a high precision (less than 1 arc second) planetary gear system mounted in a vertical position complete with mounting plates. TR series dual Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Sets are ideal for moving large masses with smaller units and minimizing your equipment’s footprint on the floor. All TR series trunnion units can be ordered with standard or custom frames fully equipped with head and tailstock supports and one-piece base weldments.

Dual Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Technical benefits for end users

  • Long service lives
  • Large thru hole on tailstock for running utilities to fixtures
  • Requires less power than leading competitors
  • Over-sized bearings on tailstock for support
  • Directly mount to gear head system mounting plate – eliminate the need for additional pillow blocks

Headstock Tailstock Trunnion Positioners Options

  • Special hole patterns in mounting plates on headstock and tailstock
  • Clockwise, counter-clockwise and oscillating index modes of operation
  • Can be ordered as complete assembly with head stock tail stock positioning system and base frame
  • Different gear ratios
  • Customer supplied servo motors – Motion Index Drives to mount
  • Mechanical homing devices
  • Safety locking devices to be used during maintenance and tooling / fixture assembly
  • Variety of encoder or positioning devices
  • Slip rings
  • Rotary unions

For higher precision trunnion indexers and applications that require zero backlash trunnion indexers, please see our RT and TMF series trunnion section.


  • Headstock Tailstock
  • Headstock
  • Tailstock
  • Grounding Mechanism
  • Micarta Isolation Cap
  • Slip Ring
  • Zeroing Pin
  • Through Hole
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