Rotary Cam Indexers

Since 1970, Motion Index Drives has been manufacturing the most reliable rotary indexing table equipment in the world. Motion Index Drives has built a tradition of excellence in the engineering, designing and manufacturing of the highest precision rotary indexers. This tradition has translated into the most robust and reliable rotary cam indexers available, a reputation that we continue to build upon.

We offer a wide range of fixed and programmable cam type rotary indexers for all your automation needs. From the industry’s best rotary index tablesprecision link conveyorsweld positioning systems to custom-built weldments and tooling frames, we have the rotary indexing machines to fit your needs.


Our Rotary Cam Indexers

With Motion Index Drives, the bottom line is that you will receive a better product. It will last longer, maintain precision, save on energy costs and give you access to our 24-hour emergency service line. Whatever automation challenges you are facing, Motion Index Drives’ engineers can create a solution to achieve the task. Whether you are working with the MEDEX line (clean room rotary indexers), a tool tray transfer system, a 7th axis slide for your robot or a new solution that emerges from your process, Motion Index Drives is here to customize your rotary cam indexers.

Fixed and Flexible Rotary Tables

Our flexible rotary indexing table equipment has various innovative features, such as gear reducers and four-point contact bearings. These features ensure the indexing tables function smoothly while eliminating run-out potential. The cam-driven design contributes to zero-backlash operation and a continuous output. Our fixed rotary index tables give you control over the output by allowing you to adjust the constant input for a smooth performance.

Trunnion Index Drives

Our programmable trunnion index drives will serve you well if you need flexibility. Depending on your factory requirements, you can use any AC or servo motor with these trunnions. We recommend our fixed trunnion index drive for customers wanting to reduce their integration costs. No matter your needs, our experts will assist you in choosing the right trunnion for your application.

Rotary Index Drives

One of the primary benefits of our rotary index drives is their extended life span. These machines will provide unhindered service to your factory for many years as a worthwhile investment. Our rotary index products are also fully customizable to meet various industry needs. Count on us to eliminate your project’s automation challenges with our tailored rotary index solutions.

Linear Transfer Systems

Our linear transfer systems stand out for their versatile industry applications — from heavy-duty aircraft components to packaging devices. Each system requires specialized protection depending on its application. Our engineers will work with you to provide a suitable protective solution.

Robotic Welding Positioners

We offer flexible robotic welding positioners in complete head and tail standard sets. A noteworthy aspect of our welding positioners is their ability to adapt to various robot manufacturers, which reduces design expenses for each of your projects. These positioners are suitable for rollover applications and serve the aerospace, automotive, mining and alternative energy industries.

Complementary Components

Besides our precision rotary indexers, we offer various complementary components, allowing you to personalize your order according to your desired application. Rely on us to supply all the components and add-ons you need to experience the full benefit of our rotary index machines. We offer everything from tooling frames and machine bases to rotary index drive dial plates and slip rings.

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If you need reliable rotary index machines, trust Motion Index Drives to provide exactly that. Our products operate at peak performance for over 15 years without failure. Fill out an online form today for more information on our products and services.