Cam Indexers

Since 1970, Motion Index Drives has been manufacturing the most reliable indexing rotary table equipment in the world. Motion Index Drives has built a tradition of excellence in the engineering, designing and manufacturing of the highest precision rotary indexing tables. This tradition has translated into the most robust and reliable rotary cam indexers available, a reputation that we continue to build upon. We offer a wide range of fixed and programmable cam type indexers for all your automation needs. From the industry’s best rotary index tables, precision link conveyors, weld positioning systems to custom-built weldments and tooling frames, Motion has the Rotary Indexing Machines to fit your needs.

With Motion Index Drives, the bottom line is that you will receive a better product; it will last longer, maintain precision, save on energy costs and give you access to Motion Index Drives’ 24-hour emergency service line. Whatever automation challenge you will be facing, Motion Index Drives’ engineers can produce a solution to complete the task. Whether it is the Medex line (clean room rotary indexers), or a 7th axis slide for your robot, tool tray transfer system, or an innovative new solution that emerges from your process, Motion Index Drives is here to help customize your rotary cam indexers.