Flexible Rotary Index Tables

With a programmable indexing design, the cam in our flexible rotary index tables maintain a constant load, so output velocity stays consistent as long as the motor runs at a continual speed. This performance allows the motor’s logic controller to achieve an exacting transition of mechanical power to the output.

A servo or AC motor with an encoder pairs with a gear reducer to provide the power. The gear reducer connects to the input shaft, which is firmly joined to the internal barrel cam with no further internal gearing.

The barrel cam rotates the top dial through the cam followers with a zero-backlash internal design. The output dial mounts to a high-precision four-point contact bearing assembly, which is pre-loaded to eliminate any run-out. It is completely sealed to eliminate intrusion from foreign particulate matter and fluids.

We have crafted these indexers to be identifiable by all robot brands and controls.

Our Flexible Rotary Indexing Solutions

Explore our range of customizable models to choose the ideal one for your application.

RTF Series Servo Rotary Indexing Tables

Our RTF Series flexible rotary tables offer maintenance-free performance in a compact or midrange footprint. They can operate clockwise or counterclockwise and provide oscillating motion. We designed this equipment for flexible installation with any mounting configuration possible. Enjoy high accuracy of up to 5 arc seconds and cleanroom readiness for sensitive applications.

TMF Series Programmable Rotary Index Tables

Feedback from customers like you has helped us create the ideal servo-driven, programmable solution with our TMF Series indexers. These models build on their value by combining zero-backlash operation with our flex technology. Our revolutionary design includes a matching dial plate, streamlined housing and at least four oversized cam followers that consistently engage with the barrel cam.

TSR Ring Rotary Indexers

We can manufacture our TSR Ring rotary index tables with tooling solutions up to 20 feet in diameter for optimal workpiece versatility. These options include oscillating movement as a standard feature. A center opening allows for easy integration with other automation equipment and solutions.

Our Flexible Rotary Index Table Benefits

We have engineered our flexible rotary indexers with numerous advantages, such as:

  • Fast identifiability by all logic controls and robot brands.
  • Superior performance, reliability and longevity.
  • Industrial-grade durability with hardened cams and cam followers.
  • Sealed housing to prevent particle infiltration.
  • High configurability with multiple customization options.
  • Extended capability to synch with other solutions for improved workflows.
  • High-efficiency motor drives to minimize input power requirements.

Typical Industries and Applications

Motion Index Drives provides quality in motion for manufacturers in many industries, including:

Our solutions drive value in automating processes like:

  • Quality testing and inspections
  • Container filling and labeling
  • Component welding, machining and assembling

Trust Motion Index Drives for Flexible Rotary Index Tables

We have been a leading partner in driving automation for global businesses since 1970. Our extensive industry experience allows us to custom-craft our solutions to meet rigid manufacturing process demands. Each comes from our ISO 2001:2015-certified facility for quality assurance.

Motion Index Drives supports our first-rate equipment with five-year warranties for your peace of mind. Plus, our team is available for technical assistance around the clock.

Learn more about our options by browsing your choices online, or contact a team member for additional details about how we can help.