Fixed and flexible rotary index tables are essential equipment in almost every manufacturing environment. Their popularity results from their versatility for numerous applications and processing steps.

Motion Index Drives manufactures two types of rotary index tables — flexible and fixed. Our cam-driven solutions offer improved accuracy and zero-backlash operation.


Flexible rotary index tables differ from fixed indexing solutions in ways that make them more suitable for certain applications. These options provide continuous output from an input motor running at a constant velocity.

At Motion Index Drives, we manufacture innovative flexible rotary indexers with cam-driven designs that translate into zero-backlash operation. Power comes from an AC or servo motor combined with a gear reducer connecting to the input shaft. This shaft directly joins the barrel cam to prevent a need for additional internal gears. As the barrel cam rotates, it passes the top dial through the cam followers for smooth performance. We include a pre-loaded, four-point contact bearing to eliminate run-out potential.

Our Flexible Rotary Indexer Models

The RTF Series flexible rotary indexers boast maintenance-free, oscillating operation compatible with any mounting position. These solutions promote accuracies of up to 5 arc seconds. They are also clean-room-ready, making them ideal for use in medical, food and beverage, and microelectronics industries.

The TMF series servo-driven flexible rotary index tables meet our customers’ vision of the ideal servo indexer. Our standard for flexible rotary index tables or AC programmable is an innovative line with zero-backlash operation. These tables maximize the potential of Motion’s flex technology with streamlined housing and a matching dial plate. The TMF Series is a completely programmable rotary indexing table. This design allows for a minimum of four oversized cam followers to engage with the barrel cam at all times.

Motion Index Drives’ TSR Ring rotary index tables come in various sizes for maximum application versatility. Tooling designs can reach 20 feet (6 meters) in diameter, and oscillating indexing operation comes standard. Optional upgrades like integration with the MOTION Flex solution and MEDEX index drives transform these into true workhorses.


Fixed Rotary Index Tables

Fixed rotary index tables boast a design that allows them to create intermittent output motion by changing a constant input. A precision milled barrel and hardened cam generates this scheduled output. Applying the laws of motion results in a jerk-free, soft and shock-proof movement. Motion Index Drives engineers ours to mount securely and accurately to a backlash-free output dial.

Similar to our flexible rotary indexers, our fixed rotary tables’ innovative design allows for connection directly to the barrel cam, which means no additional internal gearing is necessary. The motor turns the cam and its followers, then the output flange, which resides within a wire-bearing assembly featuring backlash-free operation.

Our Fixed Rotary Indexer Models

The RT Series fixed rotary index tables mount in any position and require little to no maintenance. Oscillating, clockwise and counterclockwise operation is available for process versatility. Our design features a large center opening for electrical, pneumatic and other lines.

The RTX series has upgrades like a four-point contact bearing for offset loads and index times as low as 0.16 seconds. Standard accuracy for these machines ranges between 15 and 35 arc seconds. Their maintenance-free design features lifetime lubrication.

Our TSR Ring fixed rotary index tables boast an open center for mounting additional equipment. We can create these fixtures with tooling designs up to 20 feet in diameter to handle larger workpieces. A four-point bearing increases load capacity.

Motion Index Drives’ TT Series rotary indexers provide flexible installations in any mounting direction. They easily and securely lock in the dwell position and offer maintenance-free operation. We manufacture these according to your application needs with up to 108 stops.


Benefits of Our Rotary Index Tables

Motion Index Drives’ solutions offer:

  • Excellent performance reliability.
  • Long life spans.
  • High-efficiency motors with fewer power input needs.
  • Rugged construction featuring hardened cams and cam followers.
  • Easy synchronization with other mechanical equipment to support efficiency.
  • Customizability with numerous upgrade options.

Common Industries and Applications

Our rotary index tables provide value to many industries and applications, including:

Create Your Rotary Indexing Solution With Motion Index Drives

We have fabricated and supplied customized manufacturing automation solutions to worldwide businesses since 1970. We back our high-quality products with industry-leading 24/7 support and generous five-year warranties. Our innovative cam-based designs require no or minimal maintenance and allow zero-backlash operation for increased accuracy and efficiency.

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