Tool Tray Shuttle for Automotive Manufacturing

Our shuttles are used to precisely shift tooling or parts linearly at a customer specified distances with a standard accuracy – DIN 6 on gear rack +/-0.0003”/ft. We were tasked with customizing our compact standard shuttle by providing a solution that doesn’t utilize a ballscrew or belt drive for drive method and with keeping the cable carrier within the dimensions of the tool tray itself.

Tool Tray Linear Transfer System

This two serving three tool tray transfer system was designed for versatility in mind to allow our customer to extend the transfer system for future applications in the automotive industry. The customer will be able to choose between two different fixtures during the automation process.

Tool Tray Transfer Systems

Lazer Arc Tool Tray Transfer Systems are highly accurate, provide long service lives and are engineered to be low maintenance. The unique design allows for expansion in length enabling you to add tools and fixtures at future dates while keeping integrations cost down.