Linear Transfer Systems

Motion Index Drives offers a wide range of indexed Linear Transfer Systems for all your automated processing needs. Throughout our company’s history, the driving force behind Motion Index Drives Inc. has been creating innovative solutions to develop the best indexing devices on the market to make automation more simple and efficient so you can manufacture the best product possible.

Motion Index Drives and its global partners have created custom made-to-order Linear Transfer Systems utilizing cam-driven devices and servo motors for 100% flexibility. Our vast range of transfer machines have been utilized to manufacture an array of items, including everyday consumer products, life sciences and packaging devices to heavy-duty earth moving equipment and Air Force fighter jet components. From the industry’s best precison conveyors, Robot Tansfer Units to Tool Tray Transfer Shuttles.

Uses for Linear Transfer Systems

There are many different uses for Linear Transfer Systems from material handling to vision system to welding robots, painting and others. The process will determine how the transfer system must be protected, how the cable management system must be constructed and what the proper components that must be used are. A Motion Index Drives sales engineer will get to understand your process and guide you through and suggest the necessary protection and features required that are specific for your application to ensure a long life cycle for the linear transfer system.