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A company who labels and fills containers of facial creams for a globally known cosmetics company required a precision indexing device to stop in 14 positions while the motor was still running. The motor had to be continuously running to operate auxiliary equipment that was mechanically synchronized with a rotation device. Some of the auxiliary equipment would have to be mounted in the center, so a large open center was required by the customer’s request. This company approached other rotary index table manufactures who would not customize the unit per the customer’s specification. Accuracy of 25 arc seconds in each position and repeatability were critical for the application of the printing process on the rotary index table.


Motion Index Drives model TSR1400/14/90 was recommended for this application and has been integrated many times for this customers facilities throughout the world. The large 1000 mm open center of the TSR Model allowed the customer to mount a gear rack system and auxiliary mechanically rotation devices. The TSR1400/14/90 that was manufactured specifically for this application was equipped with a special barrel cam that could be run continuously and stop momentarily as a process was being performed. The barrel cam had a 270 degree of dwell and 90 index angle. This provided exactly what the customer needed for mechanically timing the operation perfectly. The accuracy of 15 arch seconds in each station exceeded the customers’ expectations.

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