Custom Robot Transfer Unit Application

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Our Custom Automation division, LaserArc has engineered, design, manufactured and assembled this pair of custom Robot Transfer Units here at Motion Index Drives.

These two Robot transfer units are mirror images of each other and will be integrated in the end user’s facility on either side of an automation line. They will work in tandem with each other as a certain process is performed.

This is a custom robot transfer unit application, as the transfer units will be pulled by other automation in one direction and driven back to home, by an AC gearmotor. We designed in a clutch mechanism to allow the carriage plate to be pulled in the one direction without having to back driving through the gearmotor.

This custom Robot Transfer units are made up of a structural steel frames design by our engineering team. We work closely with NSK to size the rails and bearing cartridges that will support the nearly 5000 pounds of the customers automation, including the carriage plate. We also consulted with the rack and pinion manufacturer (which is Atlanta), together we size the pinion and rack based on the mass and speeds the transfer system see.

We also supply an IGUS cable management system to allow for nice containment of the customer cables and hoses. The transfer units also have automatic self-contained lube system for maintenance free performance.

View more information on our Guide to Robot Transfer Units or explore our robot transfer units options. 



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