Pick and Place Unit Rotary Indexers for Small Part Handling

There are many options today when it comes transporting small parts from one place to another in an automated process; cartesian robots, 3 axis scara robots, pneumatic cylinders to name a few. One of the most robust, reliable and repeatable methods of pick and placing is well designed and manufactured cam system.

Right Angle Rotary Indexer Applications

The TG Series Right Angle Index Drives is Motion Index Drives’ right angle drive line that comes standard with steel housing. These units provide a robust solution for applications that require product placement in a particularly demanding environment.

RTF Rotary Indexer

Motion Index Drives new line of flexible rotary indexers, the RTF rotary index table series stands out for its excellent flexibility. The freely programmable RTF combines flexible movement processes with a robust design, durability, and high torque levels.

Custom Fixed TDS212/10 Rotary Indexer

This fixed TDS212 ten station rotary indexer was designed and engineered to fit a specific need the customer required. Their requirements included increased height, over a standard RTX unit, allowing for it to be mounted directly to the floor without a need for additional machine bases or baseplates.