Nuclear Power

    • Nuclear Power

Multiple custom engineered indexing devices were required in a new nuclear facility being built in the USA. The units were required to be completely sealed, with special index angles and utilize a very unique form of lubrication.


Multiple indexing devices were used to complete the project. Some applications utilizing a customized version of the TT125 barrel cam rotary index table. This unit was used as the loading capabilities of this unit met the customers application perfectly, but also because this units housing was aluminum, it made the corrosive issues that were possible in the application disappear. Many XP080 parallel index drives were utilized as custom automatic safety devices. These units were mounted throughout the facility on fire doors, so in case of an emergency, these devices would rotate, closing the fire doors. Because the parallel index drives are self locking in dwell, this made this a perfect solution to ensure the doors were closed and locked. The housing of the XP080 is also aluminum which further enhanced the solution. Finally, all of the units had to be filled with oil that was Non-Hydrogenous, meaning without hydrogen. Because all oil naturally has hydrogen as part of its makeup, Motion Index Drives teamed with a specialized oil manufacturer to ensure the units would operate with this custom oil, but also meet the customers’ requirements.

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