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The second largest chemical company in the world, Dow Chemical, had a need for a quick delivery on a custom designed and engineered indexing solution. They required an index drive to have 50 positions, arrayed, for a cooling process of a chemical container. They required a 50 station index drive (7.2 degree index), and a support nest plate, coupled with an upper support plate, to accurately hold and index the containers as they rotated about the 50 stations.


A custom design was done to meet the customers’ requirements, including 50 nests to hold 50 bottles, about a 54’’ aluminum dial plate. The nests were custom designed, with an upper support plate to prevent the possibility of a bottle being tipped by auxillary equipment. The index drive was a custom design RT160 index drive, utilizing a 5 stage barrel cam, having a 54 degree index angle and 18 degree dwell angle at the input shaft. The unit was designed, built, and delivered in 5 weeks, exceeding all of the customers’ requirements for a cost effective, highly accurate, indexing solution.

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