Fixed Rotary Index Tables

Fixed rotary index tables transform a constant input drive motion into an intermittent output drive motion. The intermittent drive motion occurs with a flame- or inductively hardened and high-accuracy milled-barrel cam. Mathematical laws of motion guarantee a soft, shock-proof and jerk-free movement optimally designed for its intended purpose. The designed assembly allows accurate and secure mounting to the output dial, which is also backlash-free.

Power comes from either a three-phase brake motor with a gear reducer or a chain or belt wheel on the table’s drive shaft. This power source is firmly connected to the barrel cam without internal gear sets, and it turns the cam followers and, subsequently, the output flange. The output flange mounts within a wire-bearing assembly, backlash-free of play (within steel ring — not in casting). Our fixed rotary index drives feature complete sealing to eliminate intrusion from foreign particulate matter and fluids.

Our Fixed Rotary Indexing Table Options

Motion Index Drives produces several fixed rotary index tables to meet your process’s needs.

RT Series

Our RT Series index tables provide extreme versatility and value with minimal upkeep or no maintenance required. They feature clockwise, counterclockwise and oscillating operation and can be installed in any direction. A generous center opening permits additional electric or pneumatic lines.

RTX Series

The RTX Series indexing solutions easily handle offset loads with a built-in four-point contact bearing. These high-accuracy tables are capable of precision between 15 and 35 arc seconds index intervals as short as 0.16 seconds. We produce these with lifetime lubrication for lasting, upkeep-free performance.

TSR Series

Motion Index Drives’ TSR Ring fixed rotary indexers feature high load capacity using a four-point bearing. They easily accommodate larger components with up to 20-foot-diameter tooling designs. An open center allows you to mount additional devices to improve production efficiency.

TT Series

Our TT Series rotary index tables are ideal for versatile mounting in any position. A mechanical lock secures dwelling components for peace of mind. You can customize these maintenance-free units with up to 108 stops for your application’s demands.

Advantages of Our Fixed Rotary Indexers

Motion Index Drives’ fixed rotary index tables offer many benefits to manufacturers, including:

  • Fast implementation into production lines and synchronization with other equipment.
  • Excellent reliability and extended service life.
  • Sturdy construction built to withstand industrial environments.
  • Money savings with less input power needed.
  • High-accuracy performance across their life spans without required adjustments.
  • Various customization options for a unique solution.
  • Five-year warranties and 24/7 support.
  • Sealed housing to prevent particulates and fluids from penetrating the table.
  • Two power options — belt or chain wheel attachments to the drive shaft or a gear reducer coupled with a three-phase brake motor.

Ideal Applications and Uses for Our Solutions

Our rotary index tables are useful in many applications, such as:

We also routinely design clean-room-ready solutions for those in the medicalbiotechnologyaerospace and defense industries.

Buy Fixed Rotary Index Tables From Motion Index Drives

Thanks to their versatility suiting many types of fabrication, fixed rotary index tables are standard pieces of equipment for many manufacturers. Motion Index Drives is an experienced global supplier of cam-driven solutions with industry roots dating back to 1970. We custom-manufacture our solutions to strict quality specs in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility and back them with five-year warranties and 24/7 support.

Explore our customizable options online today, or use our digital contact form to request more information.