Single and Multi-Axis Weld Positioning Systems

Motion’s complete Single, 3, 4 or 5 axis machine, designed and engineered to provide superior performance in demanding industrial automation environments. Our Dual Trunnion positioning system utilizes our high capacity “zero backlash” TMF rotary turntable for the 180° exchange which creates accuracies of 9 arc seconds and repeatability of 2-3 arc seconds.

TT251 Fixed Cam Indexer Trunnion

This minimizes design cost from project to project by not having to use a robot manufacturers dedicated auxiliary axis weld positioner for welding automation.

Benefits of Multi-Axis Welding Positioners

As an added note, trunnion drives offer significantly higher accessibility for maintenance purposes, giving owners and operators the opportunity to perform easier maintenance checks and potentially extend the life of the indexer.

Indexing Rotary Table Applications

Indexing tables are used in a multitude of industries and in numerous applications. Their design is optimal for many manufacturing jobs, and they are a critical component in most automated manufacturing systems.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap Weld Positioner

Cheap weld positioners may be made with lower quality materials than their more expensive counterparts, which can lead to parts within the positioner breaking. If certain components break, this can lead to a weldment being dropped, leading to safety concerns mentioned previously.