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Precision and Versatility with Motion Index Drives VTMF Series Trunnion Positioners

Motion Index Drives introduces the VTMF series, a range of rotary indexers meticulously designed for vertical mounting orientations. Ideal for heavy automated robotic weld cells, robotic inspection cells, or robotic assembly applications, the VTMF series stands as Motion Index Drives’ flagship for precision and adaptability. Key Features: Vertical Mounting Expertise: Engineered with a focus on… Read More

How Automation Increases the Efficiency of Manufacturing

Automation has grown vastly in various sectors — including IT, aerospace and pharmaceuticals. Unsurprisingly, it also has a significant impact on the manufacturing industry. In 2018, industrial robot installations were at 82.3% across U.S. industries and have grown steadily ever since. Automation can improve employee and organizational performance by increasing productivity and worker retention and creating a… Read More

New Custom Designed Precision Link Conveyor

Motion Index Drives designed and manufactured this NEW custom Precision Link Conveyor for our customer in Automotive manufacturing to accommodate their application requirements. The customer needed to have the precision conveyor index at 9 inch increments because the tooling was at a 9 inch center distance. When none of our standard conveyors could meet their… Read More

TR Series HeadStock/Tailstock Rotary Index Trunnion

Motion Index Drives infinitely programmable TR Series Headstock/Tailstock trunnion set is an alternative to the extremely high precision and zero backlash TMF and RT series trunnion indexing systems. The TR Series offers a lower cost alternative to applications that require such high standards.

Single and Multi-Axis Weld Positioning Systems

Motion’s complete Single, 3, 4 or 5 axis machine, designed and engineered to provide superior performance in demanding industrial automation environments. Our Dual Trunnion positioning system utilizes our high capacity “zero backlash” TMF rotary turntable for the 180° exchange which creates accuracies of 9 arc seconds and repeatability of 2-3 arc seconds.