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Motion RT mit Auto

A large integrator of equipment for a global leader in automobile manufacturing, Ford Motor Co, came to us in need of a specialized index drive, capable of handling extremely high loads, but also maintain specific load height and dimensions, due to tooling design and operator ergonomics. The integrator required us to not only supply the indexing device, but also the complete base plate and frame to meet their needs.


A complete custom design was developed to meet the customers requirements. The unit, a six sided, low profile indexing drive, consists of a TMF5000, fully programmable index drive, with a custom designed and engineering tooling frame. The integrator installed 6 tools, each weighing approximately 2000 kgs to the nearly 5 meter (16 ft) diameter tooling frame. The frame height was designed to be no more than 13 inches from the floor to the top of the tool mounting surface of the frame. A complete stress analysis was done on the frame to ensure no weak points prior to manufacturing, and the index drive, a TMF5000, was sized to handle inertias exceeding 80,000 kg-meter-meter. The frame was designed to incorporate bolt on wings so the machine is easily transportable, when travelling from the integration source to the end factory.

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