How it all started

  • Al Sievers, founder of Motion Index Drives, Inc. 1990's
  • First Generation I10 Series Rotary Table
  • 115 Series Rotary Table Mid 1970's
  • E-Series Piercing Application Late 1970's
  • Precision Indexing Slat Conveyor Late 1970's
  • Cylindrical Cam Shuttle Early 1980's
  • Dual Barrel Cam Rotary Table Early 1980's
  • Dual Synchronized Barrel Cam Lift Early 1980's
  • Large High Profile Ring Indexer Mid 1980's
  • Heavy Duty Cam Operated Lift & Transfer Mid 1980's
  • In-Line Barrel Cam Shuttle Late 1980's
  • Large Barrel Cam Ring Index Table Early 1990's
  • Trunnion Weld Positioner Assembly Early 1990's
  • Heavy Duty Lift & Rotate Mid 1990's
  • EM Series Rotary Table 2000's
  • Heavy Duty RT900 Rotary Index Table
  • TMF5000 with Frame
  • Lift & Transfer
  • Precision Link Conveyor
  • Dual Trunnion
  • Weld Positioner
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In 1970 brothers Al and Bob Sievers set out to change the future of manufacturing automation. Originally located at 6100 East Davison in Detroit, Michigan, Motion Manufacturing developed the cornerstone of Motion Index Drives today, producing innovative, custom solutions to solve the high demands of a growing field. Within no time the I Series Rotary Index Table became a staple in various industries, running continuously for several million cycles in the harshest industries without a minute of downtime.

Building on the success of the I Series, tables of varying scales and configurations were constructed for new applications, and Motion Manufacturing continued to expand. As new technologies developed, new devices were required for automation processes. Motion Manufacturing developed various projects alongside its known rotary tables. Parallel indexers, right angle drives, shuttles, and lift and rotate machines were developed to meet the growing needs of existing and new clients. By the early 2000s Motion Manufacturing had changed its name to Motion Index Drives, Inc., and found a new home in Troy, MI. Along with a new name and home, Motion Index Drives Inc. had expanded their reach globally, partnering with Taktomat GmbH located in the Bavarian region of Germany.

Ever evolving, Motion Index Drives Inc. continuously improves and develops new precision indexing devices to meet market demand. Developments in standard and custom engineered indexing technology continues to lead us to growth in many different industries.