Tooling Frames

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Tooling frames and weldments can be manufactured to our customers print. These can be delivered complete with our rotary index drives, to allow for a simpler installation. Weldments can be manufactured to your drawings and can be offered upon receipt of the drawing for quoting.


  • Available in extremely low profile designs
  • A-Frame, H-Frame welded structures to meet ergonomic load requirements
  • FEA studies completed by Motion based on your tooling/fixture loads
  • Reduce mass moment of inertia by utilizing our design experience
  • Machine enamel, Epoxy or Powder Coating to customers color spec.
  • Frames manufactured to allow customer to simply bolt on tooling and fixtures


  • Purchase multiple components from one source reducing purchasing management time
  • Reduce project management time by utilizing Motion to order necessary components
  • Minimize your design time by utilizing our standard designs that are readily available
  • Minimize assembly time while decreasing your required man hours on your projects
  • We will mount customer supplied motors and other components to ensure proper functionality and fit
  • Minimize shipping and handling cost by purchasing from the source