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RT160 Programmable Indexing Rotary Table

This Motion Index Drives RT160 infinitely programmable indexing rotary table metal shelf package is for the Automotive powertrain group and is presenting the engine block to an inspection station.

Indexing Rotary Table with Lifter

We designed the Motion Index Drives indexing rotary table, with a dial plate and fixtures to hold a stacks of parts in each of the 8 stations. Along with the turntable, we designed in a lifter mechanism to incrementally lift the parts for Robot unload.

RTX350/10 Indexing Rotary Table

The new RTX350 high speed cam indexing rotary table. This is our newest and smallest indexer of our extensive line of cam indexers. Several hundred of these new RTX350/10 ten station and six station rotary indexers will be utilized in a battery manufacturing facility in Germany.

Sky Hook 2-Axis Weld Positioner

This Lazerarc Sky Hook will be used in an automated weld cell with each axis will be equipped with an auxiliary axis robot motor, providing two additional axis to the robot to perform a coordinated welding operation.