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Custom Trunnion Weld Positioner with Frame

This Motion Index Drives Trunnion Assembly was designed and engineered to handle 24,000 pounds of load and 15,000 kgm² squared of inertia. It was built to hold an automotive fixture in one of the major automotive facilities.

Rotary Indexing Tables for Food Manufacturing

With over 50 years of experience in providing rotary index table solutions to various industries we have learned over the years what works best for these harsh automated environments.

Rotary Indexing Tables used for X-Ray Imaging

Our programmable rotary indexing tables can be manufactured to accept a variety of servo motors and auxiliary axis robot motors. Moiton Index Drives engineers will size each application to let the customer know what motor size should be used and what movement profile is ideal to optimize performance.

TT125 Indexing Table for Medical Manufacturing

The TT125 index drive is a member of our rotary index drives that has an aluminum housing, with steel rotating top dial, tapered roller bearings on the input shaft, and a unique, high capacity central top dial bearing.