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The New LATC Precision Indexing Conveyor

With our newly developed LATC series of precision indexing conveyors, we can achieve and guarantee a +/- 0.04 mm accuracy across the entire system. Similar to the LFA, the LATC is manufactured with an inner structure manufactured from aluminum extrusion and very high-grade aluminum links.

Custom Robot Transfer Unit Application

Our Custom Automation division, LaserArc has engineered, design, manufactured and assembled this pair of Robot Transfer Units here at Motion Index Drives.

Precision Link Conveyor

Precision Link Conveyor systems are utilized for assembly processes that require several steps and the automated process calls for these steps to be performed in a linear fashion. By laying out the process in a linear fashion, all the other apparatuses that will be performing each process can be located extremely close to the precision link conveyor system,… Read More

Controlling a Rotary Indexing Table

Historically rotary indexing tables were controlled through the use of motor contactors and 2-speed motors so rotary indexing tables could be recovered from an “out of position”condition at a lower speed. As the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) became a more cost effective solution to achieve the same recovery result, this made it possible to use Inverter… Read More