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Sky Hook 2-Axis Weld Positioner

This Lazerarc Sky Hook will be used in an automated weld cell with each axis will be equipped with an auxiliary axis robot motor, providing two additional axis to the robot to perform a coordinated welding operation.

Clean Room Indexers for Medical Manufacturing

Cleanrooms are used in automated manufacturing of many different medical tools and devices such as syringes, intravenous and microscopic surgery instruments. Each of these items follow guidelines as to what is acceptable class of clean room that the automated process must be conducted under.

DR TR Series Dual Trunnion Assembly

Our dual trunnion assembly systems are typically driven with our RT Series indexer package. The RT200 freely programmable indexer is packaged with zero backlash reducer and driven by an aux axis servo motor.

TMF 5000/40 Station Fixed Rotary Index Table

This 30 foot structural steel frame on top of our TMF5000/40 forty station Fixed Rotary Index Table was designed and engineered by MID. Fully loaded, this indexer will hold 40 fixtures and parts arrayed around the structural steel frame.

TMF5000 with Mechanical Tooling Frame

The added benefit of having frames are our customers are looking to add content to their programs. We also add flexibility with our slip ring packages including air unions to give our customers the option to run these units continuously.