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Lift and Carry Systems

Motion Index Drives, Inc. provides some of the most precise and reliable Lift and Carry systems available. Our extensive experience in cam-driven indexing is applied to each system we design, guaranteeing unmatched strength and precision.

Benefits of Manufacturing with a Parallel Rotary Indexer

Parallel Indexers are great solutions for driving conveyors, acting as torque arms and performing tasks that require flipping or rotating tooling. In addition, Motion Index Drives can construct custom drives for continuous operation in an environment where a motor off mode of operation is not an option.

Rotary Indexing Ring Table

As Motion Index Drives’ line of ring indexers, the Rotary Indexing Ring Table fills a very specific role. The large thru-hole and very thin profile offer unique dimensions in comparison to Motion Index Drives’ other products.

Welding Positioner Benefits in Manufacturing

Weld Positioners give the robot: better access to tooling or parts, reduces floor footprint, allows parts to be removed easily and gives the company flexibility to add multi-stations. A trunnion 3-axis weld positioning system allows the robot accessibility to one side of the tooling or part and then rotates to work on the second side.

Indexing Rotary Table for Aerospace Manufacturing

The RT series 400-Flex trunnion is equipped with a programmable barrel cam which fit the end customer’s specifications. The barrel cam/cam follower mechanism opewqsrates in a preload condition allowing for a true “zero backlash” operations.