Indexing Rotary Table with Lifter

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Motion Index Drives was contracted by one of our customer to design and build a system to process powertrain parts, our solution was a Indexing Rotary Table with Lifter.  We designed the Motion Index Drives indexing rotary table, with a dial plate and fixtures to hold a stacks of parts in each of the 8 stations. Along with the turntable, we designed in a lifter mechanism to incrementally lift the parts for Robot unload.  We also designed the lifter to be on a shuttle so it could be retracted out of the way for the turntable to index the next magazine into the unload station.

The Motion Index Drives system will be fully integrated into our customers cell, and commissioned into an Automotive powertrain facility.

Motion’s engineering staff is ready to tailor indexing rotary tables with the right options to meet your specific application requirements through Complementary Components. Our entire line of equipment, from our Rotary Tables to our Indexing Conveyors, can be customized to meet your needs or standard designs can be recommended for your application.

To learn more information about the benefits of using our complementary components, please view our catalog.


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