Sky Hook 2-Axis Weld Positioner

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This 2-Axis Sky Hook weld positioner was custom designed and engineered specifically for the end customers welding operation and the product that will be mig welded on our Sky Hook. This Lazerarc Sky Hook will be used in an automated weld cell with each axis will be equipped with an auxiliary axis robot motor, providing two additional axis to the robot to perform a coordinated welding operation.

Lazerarc Sky Hook weld positioners are well suited for fully automated welding applications that demand high accuracy. The Lazerarc Sky Hook features zero backlash barrel cam systems on both the auxiliary axis. The main axis for this particular Sky Hook model is a TMF1000 cam operated programmable indexer that is ready to accept a customer provided auxiliary axis robot motor. The second, smaller axis has a RT250 barrel cam operated indexer also ready to accept a customer provided auxiliary axis robot motor. These two high quality extremely accurate indexers (a combined +/- 21 arc seconds) will provide a much more consistent quality weld for the customer. The cam indexers used on this Sky Hook are fully sealed to allow for vertical and upside-down operation and also provide excellent protection to the internal components by preventing particulates getting into the housings of the indexers. They are also lubricated for life and maintenance free. Both of the auxiliary axis cam indexing units have a four-point contact support bearing that is able to support the tooling and part load without any need for additional external bearing supports. Counter weights have been calculated based on the customer provided design to achieve a center of gravity of zero on the main axis.

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