Precision Conveyors to Manufacture Power Equipment

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Motion Index Drives was present for the installation of 3 systems that are utilizing the our LFA150 Precision Links Conveyors.  This particular customer assembles outdoor power equipment and developed a process that would combined robotic automation, yet still have Human interface with the assembly of the product.  This process will increase production and eliminate downtime of the conveyance systems.

The three conveyors comprised of two – 53 foot long conveyors and one – 14 foot long LFA150 conveyor with our 150mm link size. The 14 foot long conveyor has a standard accuracy of +/-0.08mm. The 53 foot conveyors were  multpiece conveyors, and those were measured to have between +/-0.08mm -+/-0.12mm of accuracy. The closer to the drive, the more accurate. The farther away, the less. All three conveyors were supplied with our link protective covers that will keep debris and other particles from entering the hardened guide rails and link bearings.

Each conveyor will be driven by an aux axis servo motor that will give various index distances and speeds as the part is transferred down the assembly line.

Learn more about our precision conveyors through our Guide. Please contact us at Motion Index Drives for any of your indexing conveyor needs.


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