RT160 Programmable Indexing Rotary Table

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This Motion Index Drives RT160 infinitely programmable indexing rotary table metal shelf package is for the Automotive powertrain group and is presenting the engine block to an inspection station.  Once inspected, the indexer is rotated to certain individual positions through the servo controls, to get bores honed, and have other areas of the engine block deburred.

This programmable indexing rotary table was selected for its zero backlash, high precision of output accuracies.  The customers requirements for this application was the output of the indexer had to be very ridged with ZERO backlash, as well as the positional accuracy of +/- 10 arc seconds. The RT160 size was selected based on the size of tooling and dial plate designed for the cell, as well as hit the customers’ requirements of accuracy and zero backlash. The RT160 Flex indexer is being driven by an Allen Bradley VPL-B075 servo motor running on the Kinetix 5700 drive.

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