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LFA150 Precision Conveyor

Our customer Infosight, ( required a precision conveyor to laser mark crankshafts for an automobile manufacturer to ensure the proper part is installed in the proper assembly. We provided a LFA150 precision link conveyor, with a shaft center distance of 2100mm. This allowed for our customer to have five working stations while the precision conveyor… Read More

Precision Conveyors

Rotary Indexing tables are the perfect solution for precision assemblies, however when the product has multiple components, a rotary indexing table can become cumbersome. When components multiply so does the size of the table, more often than not, taking up too much real estate. At Motion Index Drives we pride ourselves on innovative solutions. To solve… Read More

Guaranteed Controls for your Applications

Motion Index Drives has taken on the responsibility, usually put on the integrator or end customer, to assure our customer’s control panels are commissioned correctly. Our trained service technicians perform complete testing of control panels including loading, parameters and tuning. We have become a one stop supply for control panels and rotary index tables, ensuring that… Read More

7th Axis Rotary Index Table

  Motion Index Drives had the opportunity to work with Fleetwood Metal Industries who were in need of a 7th axis rotary index table that has the capability of being the 7th axis to a Nachi spot weld robot. The Nachi servo motor was coupled to the high precision TMF1000 rotary index drive and will… Read More

Single Axis Weld Positioning System with Control Panel

Motion Index Drives can offer a turnkey solution for positioning applications that don’t require any other interfaces or integrations. In this application we utilized an Allen Bradley 525 PowerFlex Drive control panel that has limited step logic to accomplish what you need for a cost effective solution paired with fixed rotary index tables. The control… Read More