How to Approach your Linear Process with an Indexing Conveyor

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Is there a manufacturing process that is being automated that needs to move a product from station to station? If so, there will be a multitude of choices to accomplish this movement or transfer between stations. For engineers, designers, customers, and managers, the questions on what product to use always arise. Making a decision on when to use a precision link indexing conveyor may include these questions:

1.) Are there multiple steps involved in the process, usually greater than 4?
2.) Is accuracy important to the manufacturing process, greater than +/-1mm (0.04’’)?
3.) Does the process need to have fast index times?
4.) Does the process require access to the product being manufactured from multiple directions?
5.) Does the transfer equipment need to be very compact and take up minimal floor space?
6.) Does the transfer equipment need to be very reliable, having a very long service life with minimal maintenance?
7.) Does the transfer equipment need to be sealed, with no grease, oil, or exposed contamination possible for the product?

Learn more important questions to ask yourself if you are considering precision indexing conveyors for your applications by viewing the rest of our White Paper.

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