Right Angle Rotary Indexer Applications

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TG Series Right Angle Index Drive

When an application requires speed and consistency in a right angle output, Motion Index Drives’ globoidal Right Angle Rotary Indexer is an ideal solution. These units feature extremely low internal inertia and a compact cam follower design, allowing for up to 1,000 cycles per minute.


The TG Series Right Angle Rotary Indexer is Motion Index Drives’ right angle index drive line that comes standard with steel housing. These units provide a robust solution for applications that require product placement in a particularly demanding environment. Although the TG Series provides remarkably fast cycle times, the low internal inertia comes at the cost of strength (the star shaft cam follower configuration is to blame for both). As a result, TG Series rotary indexers are more commonly found applications with relatively low load requirements in which the high speed is absolutely necessary.

The TG Series is a key component in the production of many high volume small parts. Production of consumer goods, such as plastics in toys or packaging of cereal, are example lightweight applications. Since rotary indexers also provide significant accuracy, the TG Series may also be suited for production of semiconductors or other electronic components.

Although the TG Series offers potential speed that makes it clearly stand out from other rotary indexing options, larger models are also available. These models still offer relative speed improvements from barrel or flat cam indexers, but the TG Series is still seen in more conventional applications that involve product or tooling positioning with motor off time.

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