Custom Fixed TDS212/10 Rotary Indexer

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Over the years, Motion Index Drives has designed, engineered and manufactured many custom rotary indexers in addition to what you can find in our standard catalog. This fixed TDS212 ten station rotary indexer was designed and engineered to fit a specific need the customer required. Their requirements included increased height, over a standard RTX unit, allowing for it to be mounted directly to the floor without a need for additional machine bases or baseplates.

The TDS212 features a large center hole that utilities can be fed through two large openings on two sides of the indexer.  The stationary column is equipped with several tapped holes and precision dowel holes. This allows the customer to mount apparatuses, robot risers, stationary plates for cartesian robots pick and place mechanisms perfectly centered to the axis of rotation. This unit includes a limit switch package that is completely enclosed to keep debris from interfering with the proximity switch signals guaranteeing flawless operation over many years of operation.

These rotary indexers will be fully assembled with a custom 60-inch anodized MIC6 aluminum dial plate. We machine these dial plates per customer prints, so they come ready to mount their tooling fixtures.

View our video with Ben Talan to learn more.

Motion Index Drives can customize our standard products to fit your application needs with other custom components.

There is no limit to the variety of options available for your application, we are capable of supplying all the necessities to accompany your indexing device to ensure everything fits and runs properly. Our engineers bring experience and training to their knowledge of cam-driven indexers. We understand that innovation in manufacturing technology is invaluable in this era of rapid growth. In order to build the best product possible, you need indexers tailored specifically for your application.

To learn more information about the benefits of using our complementary components, please view our catalog.


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