Welding Positioner Benefits in Manufacturing

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With multi-axis welding positioner, a company can expand on the possibilities of welding automation by giving manufacturers the advantage of maximizing throughput and improving quality, while saving on floor space. A welding positioner can give the robot: better access to tooling or parts, reduces floor footprint, allows parts to be removed easily and gives the company flexibility to add multi-stations. A trunnion 3-axis weld positioning system allows the robot accessibility to one side of the tooling or part and then rotates to work on the second side.

Motion Index Drives designed two DR-TR “Dual Trunnion” drives that will be part of an overall automated cell for assembly and welding of panels for the consumer goods sector. The goal our customer wanted to achieve was to increase production rates. The panels are currently manually assembled into a fixture and manually welded. The dual trunnion’s 2 position main indexer allows for a set of robots to load all of the individual parts into a holding fixture on one side of the main turntable, while the other set of robots on the opposite side, weld up the panel.

Once welded, the turntable indexes 180 degrees and gets the newly loaded panel to the weld side and welded panel to the load / unload side. The Trunnions on either side allows for the fixtures to be oriented for ease of assembly into the holding fixture as well as the welding robots to get better access to either side of the panel.


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