Precision and Versatility with Motion Index Drives VTMF Series Trunnion Positioners

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Motion Index Drives introduces the VTMF series, a range of rotary indexers meticulously designed for vertical mounting orientations. Ideal for heavy automated robotic weld cells, robotic inspection cells, or robotic assembly applications, the VTMF series stands as Motion Index Drives’ flagship for precision and adaptability.

trunnion rotary index tables

Key Features:

  1. Vertical Mounting Expertise: Engineered with a focus on vertical applications, the VTMF series is tailored for seamless integration into heavy-duty robotic setups. Additional sealing ensures optimum performance in vertically mounted configurations.
  2. Safety Integration: The VTMF series goes beyond standard offerings by providing additional mounting surfaces for safety lockout devices. This feature is particularly crucial for maintaining safety protocols in vertically mounted positioning applications.
  3. Backlash-Free Operation: Leveraging advanced cam and cam follower technology, the VTMF rotary indexer guarantees extremely high accuracy and repeatability. Experience a backlash-free operation that sets new standards in precision.
  4. Bearing Excellence: The standard VTMF1010 and VTMF2010 models feature a 4-point contact bearings assembly on the rotating flange’s outer diameter, providing rigidity and supporting specified loads without requiring additional bearing supports. The VTMF3010 takes it a step further, incorporating additional bearing support to handle substantial static torque and tilting moments, making it ideal for demanding applications like Sky Hook weld positioning.
  5. Versatile Compatibility: Serving as an auxiliary axis to all major robot brands, the VTMF series offers unparalleled versatility. Motion Index Drives engineers can precisely size the trunnion indexer and recommend the ideal auxiliary axis motor for any application.
  6. Impressive Load Handling: The VTMF1010 can handle swing diameters of approximately 2800 mm and over 2000 kg, while the robust VTMF3010 effortlessly manages swing diameters of 4500 mm and several tons. These capacities make the VTMF series a powerful choice for a wide range of applications.

Custom Sizing Support:

Sizing the right trunnion indexer involves various considerations such as mass moment of inertia, center of gravity of the total load, speed of rotation, stop time during light screen violations, and the type of motor used. Motion Index Drives technicians are ready to assist in tailoring the perfect solution for each unique application.

Experience precision, safety, and adaptability like never before with Motion Index Drives VTMF series rotary indexers. Elevate your automation game with a solution engineered for excellence.

VTMF Series Indexers


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