Trunnion Application for Battery Tray Assembly

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These Trunnions were completely designed and manufactured by Motion Index Drives.

The Head stock of the Trunnion is driven by the Motion index Drives VTMF1000 Freely programmable indexer. The customer needed two types of drives for the VTMF1000 headstock. One set of trunnions will be driven by an Aux Axis servo motor and controlled by the robot controller. The second set of trunnions will be driven by a Gearmotor with brake and encoder.

The positional accuracies the VTMF1000 will achieve are very low single digit Arc Seconds. The VTMF is a highly preloaded system and the servo reducers we use, are also extremely low backlash.

The Headstock is also comprised of a “Lock-out” mechanism for operator or maintenance personnel safety. If someone needs to enter the cell and be inside the safety gates, the cylinders in the lock out devise will be actuated. The safety pin will extend and engage into the lock-out plate. The plate is designed with a pattern of slots, to allow at least one pin to be engaged throughout the 360 degrees of potential rotation.

The front of the headstock is designed with a cable management system, this allows the customer to run the utilities through the cable carrier, and out to the fixture. In this design the Grounding will be passed through the center thru hole of the indexer.

The design called for a home prox switch as well as overtravel switch protection. The overtravel switch protects the cable management system from wrapping itself up on the spool to far or unwrap the other way past fully extended.

The tails stock is designed with a large Pillow Block bearing assembly, with adjustability to align the tooling and frame with the headstock.

Both the head stock and tail stock are supported by heavy duty tubular structure frame weldments. The complete assemblies are painted per the customer requirements.


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