Tool Tray Linear Transfer System

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Motion index Drives custom Tool Tray Transfer Systems are designed, manufactured and fabricated in Michigan. This two serving three tool tray transfer system was designed for versatility in mind to allow our customer to extend the transfer system for future applications in the automotive industry. The customer will be able to choose between two different fixtures during the automation process.

Tool tray transfer system

Our tool tray transfer systems are manufactured with the highest precision helical bevel rack and pinion system. It provides very low backlash with high accuracy and repeatability with a 4:5 safety factor for moving the weight the customer wants to move at the required speed. The oversized linear bearings are equipped with scrappers to clean the bearings as they travel, as well as self lubricating cartridges making this linear system maintenance free.

The structural steel carriage has mounting pads tapped holes and dowels for customers to place their tooling without additional drilling or tapping. The cable management system allows customers to run their utilities such as air, communication and electric.

This particular unit is supplied with an Allen Bradley servo motor. We provided the power, feedback cable and control panel, making it a complete package. Our linear transfer systems can be provided with an AC motor with an absolute encoder for positioning or an aux axis to the robot. We can provide any type of robot brand motor, sized and ready to accept the robot.

Over travel switches are provided to detect any over travel on the tool tray. They are also equipped with stoppers at each end of the transfer unit in case the mechanical switches are to fail. A safety maintenance pin is also included to indicate that there is maintenance being performed on the unit.

To learn about the custom features provided on this tool tray transfer system, watch our video with Ben Talan.


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