TMF350 Programable Rotary Indexing Table

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Motion Index Drives is extending our line of TMF series fully programable rotary indexing table to the smaller range. These units will replace the smaller RT programmable series we currently have in our lineup.  The smaller TMF series mechanically has an advantage over the current RT series programmable indexers by having more cam followers engaged in the cam at one time to move the mass attached to the output dial of the rotary cam indexer.

Our newest rotary indexing product is our TMF350. This revolutionary index drive is the smallest, most compact freely programmable index drives ever created. This unit has the torque and inertial load capacity of an index drive twice its size. It can fit nearly any small compact machine to provide high index speeds, and can be driven by a servo or stepper motor.

This Motion Index Drives programmable TMF350 was built custom for a manufacturer who required a very low profile while maintaining its rigidity and also to be able to use a DC motor.

The TMF Series Programmable Rotary Indexing Table was engineered to be fast, strong, reliable, high quality and cost effective. The TMF Series features a cast housing that is compact and has all the characteristics a manufacturer looks for: large center thru-hole for running utilities and mounting equipment, very low profile to eliminate the need for large A-frame type tooling or operator riser platforms, and a large rotating diameter for increased mounting surface.

The rotary index drive is driven directly via a gear motor that can utilize either an AC motor with encoder or servo. Both options provide very high accuracy (less than 10 arc seconds) and allow for the indexer to be driven via a dedicated or robot drive. Loading capabilities are multiplied significantly in this line of indexers through the design of the barrel cam and cam followers. This unique design allows for unprecedented inertial load capability.


  • Extremely reliable with long service lives
  • High efficiency mechanical components require less input power
  • Flame hardened cams and cam followers
  • Internal components immersed in oil bath
  • Low profile housing for seamless integration
  • Top access to cam followers
  • Significantly increased strength as a result of integration of more cam followers
  • Inspection of internal components can be done with tooling mounted on top


  • Machine bases
  • Reinforced output flange bearing
  • User-controlled stations and timing
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives
  • Custom dial plates or frames
  • More Options


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