The New LATC Precision Indexing Conveyor

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With our newly developed LATC series of precision indexing conveyors, we can achieve and guarantee a +/- 0.04 mm accuracy across the entire system. Similar to the LFA, the LATC is manufactured with an inner structure manufactured from aluminum extrusion and very high-grade aluminum links. The aluminum extrusions allow for extremely long lengths that are straight and rigid while also being extremely friendly to mount accessories and customized options. Mounted to the central framework is the link track. The MID precision conveyor makes the track out of steel, where it is machined, hardened, and ground. The LATC can also be equipped with two gear motors to increase speed of index or increase capabilities to move higher loads.

The LATC has a rectangular configuration that provides useable precision stations on all four sides of the conveyor. This offers the customer more stations to work with where highly accurate processes must be performed.

Another design feature of the LATC precision indexing conveyor is its large open space in the center. With this feature customers can mount robots, feeder systems or other auxiliary apparatuses internally. These systems can be manufactured in variable lengths and widths, optimizing space and tailoring it to the customer’s very specific needs.

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