RTF Rotary Indexers for your Dual Trunnion Weld Positioning System

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In most cases when the term Rotary Indexer is used, it is describing a rotary index table application with the dial plate on a horizontal plane.

Motion Index Drives Rotary Indexer can be mounted in every known orientation.  Our indexer can be mounted horizontally, vertically, at a certain tilt angle and inverted.

Second to the horizontal mounting is the vertical mounting.  This application is well known as a trunnion drive or headstock drive for a trunnion.  The rigidity, preload and tilting moment ratings of the Motion Index Drives output bearing, allows the indexer to be to sole support of the tooling fixture on the drive end of the trunnion.  The tailstock end is also typically supported by the same size indexer housing and output bearing assembly.

Motion Index Drives Rotary Indexers are designed and manufactured to fit all requirements for precision indexing. Providing superior accuracy, index time, and flexibility to meet the demands of modern automation systems. As each system is built for our customer’s needs, all dimensions can be adjusted to fit the application requirement.

View our video with Ben Talan to learn more about our Rotary Indexers used in a vertical orientation in this Dual Trunnion weld positioning system.

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