Rotary Indexing Tables for Food Manufacturing

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One major challenge to rotary index table manufacturers that supply to system integrators building lines for automated food processes is how to protect exposed steel to the cleaning agents that are used on a daily basis to sanitize the equipment. Another challenge is how to completely seal these units from preventing water or other chemicals from getting inside the rotary indexing tables.

With over 50 years of experience in providing rotary index table solutions to various industries we have learned over the years what works best for these harsh automated environments. In the past we would have relied on nickel plating the exposed steel surfaces. The nickel plating can quickly breakdown from specific chemical washdowns and once this happens rust will quickly take over. Our solution is to add a custom stainless-steel dial plate that has labyrinth sealing to cover the standard rotary table output dial. The input shafts are also made of stainless steel and the input shaft seals are viton to prevent premature breakdown from cleaning agents.

The RT100 unit featured here is a fixed sixteen station cam indexer that will be used in a facility that manufactures hot peppers.  These units are exposed to the high acidity from the product itself and the daily barrage of harsh chemicals used during the washdown process to clean the machines to prevent bacteria buildup. To combat these challenges the housing has a special powder coating and custom stainless steel dials. The gear motor is a IP66 rated SEW DAS series and are suited for the food production and caustic washdown chemicals

Learn more about clean room rotary indexing table manufacturing for your food application processes read our White Paper.


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