Rotary Indexing Ring Table

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Motion Index Drives’ TSR Series of Rotary Indexing Ring Tables brings a new, extremely thin profile with a large open central space so that equipment or robots may be centrally mounted to the floor. In addition, mounting additional equipment on the exterior of the Ring Indexer allows for tooling to interface from both sides of the process.

Motion Index Drives’ TSR Series brings accuracies of up to ±0.023mm and the same reliability as Motion’s rotary tables. Their robust construction and four-point bearing increase service lives and load capacities, making the TSR Series a valuable tool in industrial settings.

As Motion Index Drives’ line of ring indexers, the Rotary Indexing Ring Table fills a very specific role. The large thru-hole and very thin profile offer unique dimensions in comparison to Motion Index Drives’ other products. The additional space opens up more options for tooling mounted to the floor in the center. Some applications will also use this space as an opportunity to move a product from the ring to passing tooling or a conveyor below.

Ring indexers offer a unique profile to produce indexed movement. As a result, the TSR Series can be found in any industry in which the design engineer found value in the TSR’s shape. Reinforced top bearings give the top dial remarkably consistent strength throughout.

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