Precision Link Indexing Conveyors Guaranteed Accuracy

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How are you guaranteed the accuracy you
have been promised on your Precision Link
Indexing Conveyor application?

LFA100 precision link conveyor

We check every link for accuracy by testing each LFA and LFAS model precision link indexing conveyor that is shipped to our customers.  Our custom engineered measurement system developed specifically for our precision link indexing conveyor takes measurements for an entire 24 hour period and automatically documents this into an electronic excel report.

By numbering each link, we can easily pinpoint any accuracies that fall out of the guaranteed measurement range.  When this occurs, we can simply remove the link that has accuracy problems and re-test with a new link to validate its accuracy.

Our LFA and LFAS Precision Link Indexing conveyors can be custom ordered with stainless steel components, custom indexing strokes and are readily available to be equipped with many different AC and servo motor brands.

precision link conveyor testing accuracy



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