Lift and Carry Systems

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Motion Index Drives, Inc. provides some of the most precise and reliable Lift and Carry systems available. Our extensive experience in cam-driven indexing is applied to each system we design, guaranteeing unmatched strength and precision.

Lift and Carry systems from Motion Index Drives operate in an energy efficient manner, requiring minimal motor power even when transferring an average of 10 underbody structures (at 2,000 pounds each) over a distance of 19 feet. Motion has applied its technical expertise to over 55 systems in North America alone.

Motion Index Drives’ Lift and Carry systems feature smooth lift and lowering motions driven by our strongest barrel cams. Hydraulic compensation systems to assist lift, hardened gear racks and pinions for transfers, and Motion’s signature precision positioning during transfer strokes all make

In addition, the inclusion of Pevolan and Vulkollan transfer rollers reduce noise and extend shuttle rail life span. These systems are designed to transfer large products down a linear path, usually through various positions for production. Since the products need to be lifted over obstacles or a system by which they could be transferred via the ground would interfere with production, these linear systems can be found in the majority of assembly lines working on large items.

Lift & Carry Systems can be applied to high-production facilities that manufacture products large in physical dimensions. Motion Index Drives has worked to integrate these systems  in industries including defense manufacturing (tanks) and off-highway heavy machinery, but current industry systems aren’t configured in a fashion that can easily accept them.


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